How to Include XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles in Your Daily Practice

Through a series of five articles, industry-leading Australian podiatrist Tim Bransdon explores and provides insight into what led him to XSENSOR Technology's Intelligent Insoles. Learn how the in-shoe analysis influences his patient assessment and treatment strategies and what XSENSOR means to his podiatry clinic (Wollongong Podiatry) and running programs (The Running Lab).

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How Two Decades of Out-Of-Shoe Plantar Pressure Analysis Led Me to XSENSOR Technology (Part 5): How to Include XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles in Your Daily Practice

While this is the final installment of my five-part blog series for XSENSOR Technology, it is only the beginning of using the Intelligent Insoles as part of my daily podiatric practice. I intend to continue working with both the Intelligent Insoles and the XSENSOR team as they continue to improve their already ground-breaking product.

It is only the beginning of what I will continue to discover using the Intelligent Insoles. I will continue to gather data on what is 'actually' happening with the interaction between feet and shoes, how that differs with different features and styles of shoes, and how orthotics influence and change the loading pattern of feet.

To wrap this blog series up, I wanted to share my tips on how to get the benefit of an intelligent in-shoe plantar pressure mapping system without fear of it being overwhelming or too complicated. But before I do that, one of the most significant benefits of exploring and offering different patient assessment tools is the clientele you attract.

When teaching my StrongFeet workshops, many practitioners tell me, "You can't help who comes through your door". I'm afraid I have to disagree with this statement. You can 100% attract the type of patient you want to see. I have patients drive, even fly, past countless other practitioners to have an appointment at my clinic. I am sure many practitioners they bypass would do a good job, but the patient has seen or heard how my clinic does things 'differently'. We offer high-tech assessments, such as incorporating the Intelligent Insoles. This brings motivated patients excited to work with me through my clinic door. And they love what we offer.

Here are my top five tips for hitting the ground running and include XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles as part of your regular practice:

Observe, don't diagnose:

This is the broad philosophy for my entire biomechanical assessment with a patient. But it is especially true for gait analysis. Make general observations of posture and movement patterns without diagnosing why. Now focus on more nuanced observations that may influence the broad observations already noted, still without diagnosing. Use the Intelligent Insoles to record even further delicate data through part of this process. This information will be used with other assessments and observations to determine your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Do it regularly:

Using the Intelligent Insoles is quick and efficient. Using them often is the only way to become competent in your acquired data. Incorporate recordings into your existing appointment timeframe. In time, you may make a specialized Intelligent Insoles gait assessment appointment for your patients. But it would be best if you recorded lots of short gait assessments.

Show basic information to patients until more complex analysis becomes the norm:

More often than not, patients do not need the detailed information the Intelligent Insoles provide. Analyzing the data, however, should increase your skill as a practitioner by objectively recording and analyzing what your interventions are changing concerning foot function. For your patient, show graphical pressure maps, as these are easy to navigate and interpret. Do this often as it makes more sense to the patient as it matches where or why they have pain.

Use a large screen for the patient to see what they feel:

I use a laptop to record the data from the Intelligent Insoles. I cast my computer onto a large television to show patients what I have found. I have additional televisions in my gym and consultation rooms, so showing or comparing the data with patients can be done wherever is most convenient.


Practitioners who use advanced gait analysis technology are all like-minded. They love to share information with other practitioners. They love to discuss human movement and function. This network is global, and the world is a much smaller space these days for being able to leverage the knowledge of others. I have one of the first Intelligent Insoles systems in use in Australia. Rather than this being a solo mission because this was the first time anyone else was currently using the system in my part of the world, it opened doors to experts in North America, Europe, and other locales.

XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles have opened the door to information previously reserved for high-level research projects and facilities. The information captured with the devices allows me to review objective data from within shoes on what a foot is doing and what my treatment interventions do after I prescribe them. I am excited to continue using the insoles and share more information on how XSENSOR influences my podiatry and running work.

About the Author, Tim Bransdon:

Tim Bransdon is a podiatrist based in Wollongong, Australia. He is an industry leader in strength and conditioning for feet and running mechanics. He has two decades of experience using force plate pressure analysis for walking gait, testing strength, and power output. Tim is excited to share his experience adding a new frontier to his podiatry practice and running work with XSENSOR Technology’s Intelligent Insoles.

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