Webinar | Plantar Pressure Mapping in Endurance-Based Sports

In XSENSOR Technology’s first webinar of the ‘Running Mechanics’ series, we explore how to use plantar pressure mapping to measure and test running biomechanics in distance runners.

Endurance-based sports, like long-distance running, are characterized by a biomechanical continuum between force application and movement efficiency. To achieve the best results, runners need to focus on movement efficiency and develop the ability to switch to sprinting mechanics in the final distance of a race.

The use of plantar pressure mapping provides a unique opportunity to tap into the mechanics of foot impact. Plantar pressure data captured, using systems like XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles, can provide unparalleled insight on the efficiency of movement over time and the ability to change running mechanics depending on the stage and goal of a race.

Key Takeaways from This Webinar:

  1. Learn – The characteristics of running at different speeds, how they relate to skill development, and the ability for distance runners to switch from jogging to sprinting.
  2. Understand – How plantar pressure assessments can help coaches and trainers monitor running skill development of an athlete.
  3. Experience – How to use plantar pressure mapping on the field to measure and analyze the data of a distance runner.

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About the Presenter:

Antonio Robustelli is a Professional Sports Performance Consultant and Elite Coach based in Italy. His areas of expertise include sports technology, injury prevention, strength training programming, and speed development. Due to his adoption and knowledge of sports technology, he is sought-after and works with semi-professional, professional, and Olympic-level athletes worldwide in various sports applications.

Antonio serves as an Editorial Advisory Board Member for Lower Extremity Review Magazine, a publication focusing on lower extremity biomechanics, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

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