Choosing a Mattress Recommendation System

Why do successful retailers rely on technology to grow sales and ensure their customers are satisfied with their purchase? Simply, it works. Here’s what to look for.

When it comes to mattress recommendation systems, there are a few options out there. The main selling point for these selection tools is to identify each customer’s unique needs and give them the confidence that they have found the right mattress. Increasing customer confidence comes from a transparent compelling experience that leaves the customer educated and confident to purchase. This is where the available systems start to differ, and the differences grow from there.

High-quality System

A few of the options utilize body pressure mapping. With this technology, what matters is first the accuracy of the measurements ensuring consistency customer to customer, which is important for the sales associates to buy-in.  Second and also very important is the resolution of the sensors and the quality of the images shown to the customer.

REVEAL by XSENSOR uses 1600 sensors to provide powerful visual pressure images that allow the customer to see what they feel and understand their unique pressure points and support needs. Those same two measurements are used by REVEAL to tailor-fit the customer to the best mattresses for them. Some of the competing systems measure air pressure in a few chambers integrated into the test mattress, while others have the customer stand while their body is scanned.  These experiences are more difficult for customers to relate to and if there are measurements taken it is not clear to the customer, what was measured or how it was used.

Tailor-made for Mattress Retailers

REVEAL is unbiased and developed specifically for retailers by industry leader in Intelligent Dynamic Sensing, XSENSOR Technology, that has over 25 years providing accurate reliable sensors for leaders in automotive seating, tire manufacturing, mattress design, hospital and operating room beds and hundreds of other industries. Some of the other mattress selection systems available are provided by popular mattress brands and customer recommendations are biased for the purpose of promoting their own products. While there are other systems available that also measure pressure points, these are incomplete products that require the retailer to figure out how to use them effectively in a store setting. REVEAL is a whole product solution, complete turn-key systems, multiple in-store kiosk options, reporting tools, on-site and remote training and technical support.

Custom Branding

REVEAL is designed to allow retailers to customize the software and brand the kiosks ensuring that the system seamlessly integrates into their sales process and merchandising system. Retailers work hard to build their brand and differentiation in the market. Several available systems provided by mattress manufacturers are intended to support their own brand and aren’t customizable.

Fast and Easy Experience

REVEAL is fast and easy to use for sales associates. A typical customer experience takes about 3 minutes on the REVEAL system and customers provide only their name and preferred sleep position. Competing systems commonly take up to 20 minutes to complete and require the sales associate to ask several personal and sometimes uncomfortable questions of the customer.

Reputable and Proven

XSENSOR has been the leader in mattress recommendation technology for over 15 years with the REVEAL system. We are constantly seeking feedback to improve the experience and results for the retailers, sales associates, and consumers who use it.  There are hundreds of retail stores around the world using the REVEAL Mattress Recommendation system, creating the shopping experience customers want, and increasing conversions.

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