Improving Human Performance & Return to Play With Plantar Pressure Data Analysis

In the third webinar of XSENSOR Technology’s ‘Sports Performance Science’ series, Antonio Robustelli (Sports Performance Scientist & Technologist with OmniAthlete Performance Concept) will guide you through the primary datasets and analysis methods provided by plantar pressure measurement devices and technology.

During the webinar, we will delve into the fundamental data outputs that are used to analyze and monitor human performance, injury risk, and rehabilitation. Using XSENSOR’s state-of-the-art pressure mapping device, the Intelligent Insoles | Pro, we show you that plantar pressure mapping technology is not simply used for pressure data but also provides other quantitative and qualitative analysis options that can improve sports performance and get athletes back to play.

Whether you are a Sports Biomechanist or Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, or Athletic Trainer, this webinar will help you learn, understand, and experience how leading-edge pressure mapping technology can provide actionable insights when developing your athlete-centered assessment protocols.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand – How plantar pressure measurement devices and technology provide more than just pressure data.
  • Learn – About the primary datasets that can be obtained using plantar pressure measurement systems and technology.
  • Experience – How to analyze plantar pressure data and information to monitor and improve human and sports performance.

Antonio Robustelli is a Professional Sports Performance Consultant and Elite Coach based in Italy. His areas of expertise include sports technology, injury prevention, strength training programming, and speed development. Due to his adoption and deep knowledge of sports technology, he is widely sought-after and works with semi-professional, professional, and Olympic athletes worldwide in various sports applications.

Antonio serves as an Editorial Advisory Board Member for Lower Extremity Review, a US-based publication focusing on lower extremity biomechanics, sports medicine, and rehabilitation.


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