Webinar | Choosing Sports Performance Footwear with Plantar Pressure Mapping Insoles

In XSENSOR Technology's fourth webinar in the 'Running Mechanics' series, we explore using plantar pressure mapping, like XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles, to assess different footwear types and choose the right shoe for sports applications.

Different sports need different types of footwear depending on factors such as intensity, duration, surfaces, and force application. Today, footwear designers and manufacturers have reached high levels of technological skill and quality and have become integral to the sports performance industry.

Selecting the right shoe, based on an athlete's factors, is still an underrated aspect that can help optimize human performance and decrease the risk of injury. Plantar pressure mapping technology can play a crucial role in helping athletes and players in shoe-fitting by studying the effect of different shoes on biomechanics efficiency.

Key Takeaways from This Webinar:

  • Learn – The different characteristics of shoe types and how they relate to specific sporting activities.
  • Understand – How plantar pressure mapping can assist coaches and biomechanics professionals in evaluating the efficacy of a specific shoe.
  • Experience – How to use plantar pressure mapping to improve the shoe-fitting process for athletes.

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