Podcast: Footwear Design & the Technology Wishlist



Opportunities in Footwear Design with Creation & Adoption of New Technologies
Featuring Alyssa Weitzman and Murray Vince

Smart technologists can provide better data and tools for footwear designers. We’re on the cusp of seeing new levels of resources for footwear design and development.

Alyssa Weitzman: Alyssa is a Lead Designer/Director and has worked at some of the most well-respected footwear companies in the industry such as Timberland, The North Face and Saucony. Most recently at Timberland, she headed up the team for influencer collaborations and special make ups. She volunteers her time locally in the Greater Boston area.

Murray Vince: Murray is Chief Strategy Officer at XSENSOR, the world’s leader in Intelligent Dynamic Sensing. He has also worked in strategic business development, intellectual property and executive leadership roles at Microsoft, Apple, Silicon Graphics and several startups (including one IPO). He is also active on the board of the Pink Boat Regatta, a 501(C)(3) organization that raises funds for breast cancer research.

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