Podcast: How Plantar Pressure Data Can Improve Gait Assessments



Bruce Malkinson (XSENSOR Technology Corporation) is joined by world-renowned Sports Performance Scientist & Technologist Antonio Robustelli (OmniAthlete Performance Concept) to discuss how the fundamentals of biomechanics research use state-of-the-art pressure mapping technology such as intelligent insole sensors, walkway mats, and stance pads for injury prevention, athletic assessments, and improving human and sports performance in athletic applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what key problems athletes and performance coaches face and how technology will assist them.
  • Learn the difference between ‘Injury Reduction’ and ‘Injury Prevention’.
  • Experience key insights that only plantar pressure measurement can provide.

Bruce Malkinson, Chief Operating Officer
XSENSOR Technology

Antonio Robustelli, Sports Performance Scientist & Technologist

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