Podcast: How to Design Plantar Pressure Measurement Protocols Using Insoles, Stance Pads, & Walkway Sensors



Bruce Malkinson (XSENSOR Technology Corporation) is joined by Antonio Robustelli (OmniAthlete Performance Concept) to discuss how leading-edge pressure mapping technology, like XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles | Pro system, Stance Pad Sensor, and Walkway Sensor, can help you design measurement protocols including benchmarks for performance and rehabilitation testing and training.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the different purposes and goals of testing with insoles, stance pads, and walkway sensors.
  • Learn how to correctly perform and standardize your testing and training using plantar pressure measurement and gait analysis devices.
  • Experience practical guidelines and measurement protocols for different sports applications.

Bruce Malkinson, Chief Operating Officer
XSENSOR Technology

Antonio Robustelli, Sports Performance Scientist & Technologist

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