Podcast: Improve Running Performance With New Insole Sensor Technology



Bruce Malkinson (XSENSOR Technology) is joined by Carla Robbins (Vital Strength & Physiology) to discuss how XSENSOR’s X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System was used to track each stride of Dave Proctor’s (Performance Ultra-Marathon Runner) 100 km training run.


Key Takeaways:

  • Get a better understanding of some of the more challenging injuries and obstacles that runners face when doing long-distance runs.

  • Understand what is possible with this new pressure mapping technology and how it differs from other available plantar pressure and gait measurement systems.

  • Learn how the data captured allows for new insights that result in better strength training and interventions.



Bruce Malkinson, Chief Operating Office

XSENSOR Technology Corporation


Carla Robbins, Founder, Owner, and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Vital Strength & Physiology


To get further insights and knowledge, watch Part 2 of our 'Out of the Lab' series.

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