Why REVEAL Is Making Mattress Retailers So Successful (And Customers So Happy)

Considering the average person spends 1/3rd of their lives sleeping, buying a mattress is one of the most important purchasing decisions someone will ever make. To put that in perspective, if they keep a mattress for 9 years (the average), they’ll spend 3 of those years on it.

Major purchases are stressful under the best of conditions. Shopping for a mattress is right up there: the experience leaves many feeling like they need a long nap. The sheer volume of choices is overwhelming, and most have no idea what a “good” choice even looks like. Innerspring? Memory Foam? Motion Transfer? This is to say nothing of the firm/medium/soft-with- every-variation-in-between, problem.

Overwhelmed with options and what feels like little apparent differentiation beyond price, it’s no wonder many take a quick tour and leave.

How do you get them to stay – and not just buy, but feel happy and confident about their choice?

As a retailer, you’re competing not just with every other brick-and-mortar outlet in the vicinity, but with the slew of growing online mattress options as well, A potentially unfair advantage? Your ability to create an exceptional experience for the consumer. Technology like XSENSOR’s REVEAL pressure mapping system helps get you there.

Customers enter the buying process hoping for an informed answer to the question, “Can you help find the right mattress – for me?”  With REVEAL, the answer is a resounding, proven and measurable, yes. REVEAL lets you give consumers an exceptional, custom-fit service, helping them unlock the secrets of the most comfortable sleep of their life.

How? Dynamic, high-resolution images of a customer’s unique body pressure is measured on a mattress, offering the chance to educate them. The sales conversation is instantly augmented by offering objective proof. Customer’s are not only guaranteed a mattress that will keep them in alignment without causing pressure to any part of their body, but often, a $500 mattress purchase becomes a confident $1500 purchase.

Personalization and customization are the keys to an excellent customer experience and seeing their mapped pressure points helps them understand why a high-end mattress might be a better choice. A distinct market differentiator, it’s impossible to cater to an individual’s pressure points in an online experience.

Personalization is created from the very start of the REVEAL process with powerful body mapping imagery showing them precisely where they need support and where they need relief from pressure points when they sleep. This offers the opportunity to talk about mattress composition and accessories that could enhance their sleep quality – things like adjustable bases or pillows. The result is that customers feel like they’ve received a tailor-made solution to their mattress-buying problem (because they have) and that they’re making a well-informed buying decision as a result.

As a retailer, because REVEAL virtually guarantees people choose the right product, there’s also a next-to- zero chance they’ll make a return. Happy customer; happy seller.

It’s no accident REVEAL is the #1 mattress recommendation system used in the USA today. Using it, the customer’s mattress shopping experience is given an upgrade with an unbiased recommendation using state of the art technology.  In the process, you’ve given them a unique and excellent customer experience,  blissfully relieved them of the confusion and overwhelm inherent in the buying process, left them more confident in their decision to purchase a higher quality mattress, and most importantly? You’ve helped them get the best night’s sleep of their life.

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