Case Study: How a Robust Sleep Mapping System Empowered Sales Staff & Improved Mattress Sales

"The average unit selling price went up significantly after implementing the Support Report and has held steady ever since."

When George's Furniture & Mattress store owner Chris Chamberlin noticed stagnancy in his mattress sales, he did not hesitate to research a solution to help his sellers give a better customer experience and improve sales.

He looked at similar alternative systems but felt nothing else was as robust as the Support Report (REVEAL® by XSENSOR white labeled) system. "It gives a better customer experience and leaves no room for ambiguity: people objectively know what they've just experienced when they've been sleep-mapped," said Chamberlin.

Chris decided to purchase a Support Report system for the store and has been leveraging it for sales and elevating customer experiences since.

"Support Report made mattress sales better for everyone who works for us and made the lowest performers more consistent sellers."



  • The owner had significant concerns about stagnating mattress traffic within the furniture store.
  • He was looking for a solution to increase traffic and close rates on mattress sales.



The owner purchased a Support Report mattress recommendation system for the store after seeing it demonstrated at a trade show and speaking to other retailers about their experience using it.



  • Return on investment within five months. The Support Report system added $2800 additional profit per month.
  • In year one, average mattress sales grew 9%.
  • The average margin increased by over 5%.
  • Increased sales of adjustable beds.
  • Reduction of returns.

A simplified and consistent sales process ensures a streamlined customer experience. Everyone looking to purchase a mattress goes through the Support Report system first, simplifying the entire process.

Knowledgeable sales staff are empowered to sell based on Support Report outcomes. Before selling using the Support Report system and without any knowledge of mattress support, RSAs (retail sales associates) were more focused on selling based on comfort. With Support Report, they can ensure customers are equally well-supported and comfortable.

Using the system improved mattress sales for everyone and made the lowest performers more consistent sellers. One RSA, in particular, was never forceful in recommending a product. Support Report has allowed them to point customers in a direction confidently.



One unexpected result of implementing the system was changing the store's lineup of mattresses. "We realized we were missing a product that could help many people, especially those with larger body types. As a result, we ended up eliminating one supplier and buying more with another because their product offering was broader."

The sales team also found very few instances where people were concerned about the price after the process. As a result, heavy-duty products have increased, driving the average unit selling price up in tandem.

A customer, who is also a physical therapist, was impressed by the entire process of getting fitted for a mattress with the Support Report system, as it recommended that he needed something different from what he was confident he required. He was amazed at how accurate the recommendation was in helping him choose the right mattress.



After giving people three weeks to experience their new mattress, George's policy is to follow up with customers. Since implementing the Support Report system, while there have been complaints about bedframes or beds themselves, there has been no negative feedback about the mattress itself.

The store received more positive reviews from customers since having the system than they received before its implementation. Chris considers it a big win.

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