Improving Mattress Sales with Technology

How to Use Mattress Recommendation Technology to Sell More Mattresses

Does it ever feel like selling mattresses shouldn’t be that hard? After all, people need to sleep, and for that, they need beds. And for beds, they need mattresses. And for mattresses, they need mattress stores. Boom! Sales … right?

Well, no. The thing is, the mattress industry was always competitive, with slim margins for retailers. Plus, recent disruptions in the market have made it harder than ever to get consumers to walk away with a purchase from your store. Now you’re competing with low-overhead online purveyors who sell out-of-the-box models directly to the consumer, leveraging social media and convenience in one fell swoop.

And let’s not forget the huge number of innovations in mattress technology, designed to help people sleep better, longer, healthier, cooler… what have you. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. But while it might be tempting to throw in the towel (or the foam), don’t. These innovations are only your enemy if you don’t leverage them for your own gain.

The good news is, you can do just that by:

  • Collaborating with instead of fighting against disruptive agents
  • Embracing tech to help you improve mattress sales technology
  • Taking a smart 21st-century approach to marketing

Ready to learn more? Read on.

Take the Stress Out of It

Stress is the number-one killer of valuable, lasting mattress sales. When people don’t have the tools they need to make a good decision, they often a) walk or b) buy something that doesn’t work for them and return it later (or just trash your good name online).

You can considerably reduce stress by showing them their real needs with mattress recommendation technology. By overlaying a simple, wireless sensor on a mattress, you can use sleep science to show them a variety of metrics, including:

  • Sleeping position
  • Motion transfer
  • Pressure points
  • Benefits of adjustable bases
  • … and more

People no longer have to wonder why their shoulder hurts or their hip sometimes has a red mark in the morning. You can now show them an actual, live image of how they lie and sleep. This way, you can help people learn more about themselves right in the store and point them toward the perfect mattress.

Stock the Latest in Mattress Innovations

Why fight competitors? Instead of raging at online mattresses in a box, merchandise equivalent mattress constructions that enable people to try those mattresses in-store, the one thing that most customers can’t do when shopping online.

Make sure people have access to every new mattress technology, from memory foam mattresses to hybrid constructions, to fabrics for hot sleepers and more. If you can get them what they need, they’ll turn to you for every new mattress – not to mention, give you that valuable, free word-of-mouth marketing.

Jump on the Wellness Bandwagon

Wellness is a thing these days, and that can work in your favour. It’s not enough simply to go to the doctor anymore; now we’re expected to track our sleep habits and sleep quality, our exercise, our diets, our caffeine intake, our social media consumption and everything else … and heal the ills of modern society with the occasional purchase of a notebook or scented candle.

While there’s nothing wrong with a candle to relax you in the evening, it’s a good mattress that will actually lead to better sleep and greater health.

Use that basic fact in your favour by pairing pressure-mapping technology with wellness language. The right bed is worth more than all the sleep tracker apps in the world, helping to manage body heat, relieve pressure and get those zzzzs.

Don’t Forget Wholesale

Mattress companies often think about individuals when it comes to sales, but wholesale matters too. Some of the most troubled sleepers are the elderly and the sick, those in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and hospices.

Using a mattress recommendation system can significantly improve patient outcomes, prevent pressure injuries and lead to greater quality of life for our society’s most fragile citizens. If you want to be successful in the mattress industry, keep in mind that you can use mattress tech to give people that good night’s sleep they’re looking for and land big wholesale orders at the same time.

Let XSENSOR Help You ‘Up’ Your Mattress Game

One of the most powerful tools in your 21st-century arsenal is the REVEAL Mattress Recommendation System by XSENSOR. Rather than eyeballing a person’s stature, watching how they lie on a bed and doing a quick consultation with them, you can now use hard data to help them pick the mattress that’s most likely to change their sleep for the better.

REVEAL uses patented, cutting-edge mattress selecting technologies to really and truly “get the person’s number,” with the result that they’re more likely to be happy with their purchase. Nothing beats accurate data when it comes to making high-priced decisions, so your customers will also have the peace of mind they’re looking for.

Book a demo to see how it works today and enjoy a more successful mattress sales process.

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