Elevate Mattress Sales with Sensor-Based Mattress Recommendation Technology

Laying down at night should be the easiest thing in the world, but that is not always the case. Even if you successfully deal with snoring partners, obnoxious pets, or early wake-up times, there is still the matter of the mattress—and it can be a real bugbear.


This reality is why, when many customers enter a mattress store, they are already frustrated, if not downright despairing. Some have lost the belief that they can even get a comfortable night’s sleep or that they and their partner can find a bed that works for both. They look to retail sales associates to help solve these problems.


You can discover the best choice for yourself and your partner with the right technology. A mattress recommendation system that allows you to create a real-time, personalized image of each sleeper can dramatically shorten the time it takes to find the right mattress. This feature, in turn, cuts down on returns, dissatisfaction, negative reviews, and hits to your brand.


If you own or work in a mattress store and are tired of limitations to your workflow and difficulty helping customers find the right products, good news—your sensor-based mattress selection system has arrived. Let us look at pressure mapping and the benefits you can enjoy using it today.


Mattress Recommendation Technology: The What and the Why

Mattresses affect sleep quality, plain and simple. Unfortunately, it is not enough to understand that fact; you need the tools to find the right mattress if you are going to help your customers address their frustrations. It is simply too difficult to consider all the factors—sleep schedules, injuries, temperature, partners, and so forth—from a verbal report.


Mattress recommendation technology removes the burden on customers to explain their sleep needs, simultaneously giving mattress retailers the ability to help them determine what will work without much back and forth.


What exactly is mattress recommendation technology? It is a system that uses a mat embedded with a grid of sensors. These sensors measure the force differential placed on the mattress by various body points while a person lies on top of the bed, creating a detailed map, or image, of what happens when the sleeper is at rest. You can evaluate different mattresses to see which are the most comfortable for the customer.


The resulting image offers information that the customer may not even have, such as:

  • Where areas of high pressure occur; and
  • What happens when they roll over or shift positions.

You can then map out the scenario so you and the customer can see exactly what is going on while at rest, turning over, and in various positions throughout the night.


This technology gives you the ability to visualize perfect comfort with customers. Now, you can address their sore spots, accommodate unique sleeping positions, and make every night a more comfortable and profitable sleep experience.


And the benefits have barely begun.


The Benefits of Quality Mattress Recommendation Technology

A sensor-based sleep improvement system brings many benefits.


Fewer Mattress Returns

Satisfied customers are likely to take their purchases home and keep them there, so a better fit with each mattress means fewer returns overall. With fewer returns coming into the store, you can skip the hard work of selling used mattresses for a lower price and focus on new models that match their buyers, increasing your profits.


Increased Competitiveness with Online Retailers

The online mattress sales marketplace is booming, putting a pinch on every brick-and-mortar store. It is not easy to compete with the convenience of a mattress delivered to your doorstep days after clicking a button. To remain competitive, you must offer something the online sphere cannot: a perfect fit. That is what sensor-based technology can do.


More Referrals

Happy customers send other soon-to-be-happy customers your way. It is a virtuous cycle that will increase your profitability, provided you give those customers something to be pleased about. And a good night’s sleep? Well, that will certainly do it.


Better Use of Resources

The mattress game is, through no fault of its own, sometimes a wasteful one. When people buy a mattress using the fingers-crossed methodology, they must wait to see if it works. If it does not, they bring it back, where you then have to sell it for a bargain price—if you can sell it at all. Creating excess products, that no one wants is not good for the world, not to mention the additional plastic wrappings needed for used items. You can help the Earth and its people using systems that target much more effectively.


Greater Brand Recognition

Once you become known for nailing the fit with each customer, people will flow your way without effort. Referrals, word-of-mouth marketing, and online reviews will all come together to ensure a constant influx of customers to keep your business afloat.


If this sounds pretty good, it is time to put your mattress recommendation system in place today.


Let XSENSOR Transform Your Workflow Today

With the REVEAL Mattress Recommendation system from XSENSOR, you and your customers will be on a new plane of existence. Say goodbye to guessing the unguessable—what happens when people are asleep—and say hello to data-based reports and recommendations that work.


Using sensor technology, you can create a better customer experience, a faster and higher-quality sales process, and excellent customer loyalty. Now, you can increase the confidence of your sales staff, the volume of traffic in your brick-and-mortar store, your competitiveness with online retailers, and your profits—all with a straightforward, easy-to-use system.


Ready to learn more? All you have to do is contact our Sleep Improvement team today.

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