How to Use Mattress Selling Technology to Increase Sales

How to Introduce Mattress Recommendation Technology Right from the Beginning

Are you tired of watching customers walk back out the door? Want to sell more mattresses, but not sure how? Know there’s a better way to do things but can’t figure out what it might be?

You’re not alone. In today’s challenging world, mattress retailers face everything from labor shortages to manufacturing and shipping delays to economic stressors that affect purchasing decisions. The bad news is, that’s not going anywhere soon. The good news is that you can lessen the effects of today’s changing (and sometimes crummy) world with the right technologies.

  1. Use Pressure Mapping Technology

The best way to find a comfortable mattress is to know how the person sleeps. There are several pieces to this, including:

  • Whether they sleep on their back, side or stomach
  • Whether they sleep hot or cold
  • How their sleep changes with the time of year or weather
  • Whether they’re in bed with a partner
  • If they have injuries or aches that they favor

All of these factors build an accurate picture of what each sleeper is dealing with on a nightly basis. That makes it much easier to find the right type of mattress.

Unfortunately, mattress sales get complicated by the fact that people don’t always report accurately where their pain is or what they experience. Moreover, they may not know what’s causing them to feel the way they do.

That’s where cutting-edge pressure-mapping technology comes in. This works by combining thousands of sensors on a flat surface that you can simply lay down over a bed. Once the person lays on it, it will instantly build a complete picture of their body’s pressure points and weight distribution. This can significantly increase your ability to find the right sleep products. From memory foams to adjustable bases, you can target much more closely with mapping technology on hand.

  1. Use Tablets as Mobile Catalogues

Most mattress retailers pride themselves on knowing their products and knowing them well. However, you can close more mattress deals by proving to potential customers that you know what you’re talking about.

The best way to do this is with mobile devices with catalogues loaded and ready to go. Tablets are best because they’re easy to use, charge, and have large enough screens that even the oldest eyes can make sense of them.

Just make sure to stock your store with devices with long battery life and decent data storage so you can keep multiple catalogues with high-res pictures downloaded at all times. That way, you’re ready to sell even if Wi-Fi goes down.

  1. Use Upselling Systems

Your mobile devices should be equipped with your CRM and sales software and catalogues. That way, once your customer has committed to buying a mattress, you can work on the accessories. From a box spring to a mattress protector, your prospect might have other needs – and you want to be ready to meet them, whether it’s a Memorial Day sale or a regular old Tuesday.

In today’s social media-saturated world, people trust proof. Show them online listings of their options, complete with reviews from customers. Let them read about products themselves, and give them the time to do so uninterrupted.

  1. Keep Up with What’s New in the Mattress Industry

Because mattresses are an old product, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that there’s so much new technology available for mattress stores worldwide. Don’t forget to keep up just because you’ve been in business for a long time.

One of the best technologies on the market is body-mapping with high-quality sensor devices and software. With equipment that's easy to set up and software that drastically minimizes the amount of time it takes to extract usable information from the sensors, you have instant mattress-matching technology at your fingertips. A simple scan will tell you exactly what your customers need, so you can jump right to the options that will work best for them - and maximize your chances of a successful deal.

XSENSOR is leading the industry in pressure mapping technology. Book a demo to see how REVEAL Mattress Recommendation solution can help you improve customer satisfaction and increase mattress sales.

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