How Does Mattress Recommendation Technology Improve the Retail Experience?

Technology can make life overly complicated if we’re not careful. Who hasn’t had the experience of picking up their phone to enter an appointment into their calendar, only to realize half an hour later that they’ve been on Twitter the whole time? None of us, that’s who.

Using the right technologies can dramatically cut costs, save time, and see happier customers in your retail store. If you want to sell more products, it’s time to put Mattress Recommendation Technology in place. We can’t overstate the importance of sensor technology in providing your customers with the ultimate shopping experience. It’s time to learn more about it today.

In this post, we’ll discuss what mattress recommendation technology is and why you should use it. We will also discuss the main benefits for retailers and customers and how to get started today.

Ready to see more sales, fewer returns, happier customers, an expedited sales process, better reviews, and a healthier in-store brand all around? Keep reading.

What Is Mattress Recommendation Technology?

You already know that the wrong mattress can affect sleep quality, and the right one can help people get a healthy night’s sleep. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell from a quick five-minute stint on a mattress whether it will do the trick. Because of this, many customers choose to buy online for convenience, figuring their chances are about the same as getting a good fit in a store.

Mattress recommendation technology can tip the scales in your favor because only in-store brands can use it. E-commerce cannot. Mattress recommendation technology uses a mat embedded with sensors to measure the force differential that various body parts put on the mattress and vice versa. By creating a highly detailed sensor-based map of the individual sleeper’s body, you can picture their exact nighttime situation, identifying the magnitude and location of pressure points.

How Does Mattress Recommendation Technology Work?

Recommendation technology uses thousands of sensors to determine the areas of high, medium, and low pressure. It maps these in red/orange, yellow, and green/blue. It allows you and the shopper to see their “problem spots.” These include the classic areas: head, shoulder, hips, knees, and feet. It may also include bony protuberances individual to the customers.

Mattress recommendation technology can also show differences in pressure depending on how the shopper sleeps: Are they on their side or their back? Do they rotate throughout the night? Do they throw their limbs out in a way that creates additional pressure? Are there two bodies in the bed?

You can create a 2D or 3D picture that shows their “sleep” in action. This helps determine the best mattress that will suit any individual or couple—something the internet can’t replicate.

Benefits to Retailers and Customers

A sound mattress recommendation system has many benefits. These include:

Confidence in a Better Fit

When you use a mattress recommendation system, your customers are guaranteed a mattress closer to their needs. Instead of largely guesswork and subjective reports of their comfort, you can give them detailed information about where they need support, then match them with a mattress. It’s up to them to try your options and choose the best one. When customers are confident they have found the right bed, they are comfortable purchasing it.

Fewer Returns

The likelihood of customers returning their mattresses is reduced because this system is designed to provide them with a comfortable sleep. Fewer returns mean more reliable budgeting, more accurate forecasts, easier time taking inventory and ordering new stock, and better reviews from your customers. Any retail store is looking for fewer returns, and a sensor system can measurably decrease them for you.

Happier Customers

You always want happier customers. A mattress recommendation system can ensure that each individual has the perfect mattress to meet their needs and preferences. With the help of mattress recommendation algorithms, the system can generate custom-fitted mattresses tailored to each person's body type and sleeping style. Adding the in-store experience also makes a massive difference for your shoppers. When they feel attended to and know you’re giving them a highly tailored shopping experience, you will forge a bond you otherwise couldn’t. And that’s a bond of which e-commerce stores are simply incapable.

More Referrals

With happier customers in the bag, you’ll also see more referrals. This is especially true if you put some incentive system in place. For instance, if new shoppers are willing to try your mattress recommendation system, you will give them a certain percentage off their mattress price.

Resource Stewardship

When you use mapping technology to ensure a better fit for everyone who enters your store, you’ll see fewer returns, which means fewer mattresses you have to sell or donate at a cut-rate. Plus, some shoppers aren’t responsible enough to return mattresses to you, which means they may go into landfill. You can help the Earth by cutting down on those chances.

Of course, you can’t see any benefits of mattress recommendation if you don’t put systems in place today.

Put Pressure Mapping To Work for You In-Store

Sensor technology can create a more consistent and higher-quality customer experience, offer shoppers tools they can’t get online, increase their confidence in you, and draw traffic to your brick-and-mortar store. If you’re ready to improve your reputation and credibility, get better referrals, and see measurable selling, you need REVEAL by XSENSOR.

The best news? Manufacturers will often sponsor or subsidize your purchase to increase sales for their brand. With measurable results and accurate performance reports, you can show your boss, staff, and manufacturers that you get the job done—but not until you talk to XSENSOR, so get in touch today.

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