How to Create a Quality Mattress Selling Experience in Your Retail Store

The mattress-selling experience can go one of two ways.

It can be an awful experience for customers, where they are forced to look at the available inventory that may not meet their specific requirements or desires, and the only aim is to get rid of any product that might appear to suit them. Sadly, this is a frequent occurrence in the market, mainly caused by the need for more efficient tools to tailor-make the experience for customers.

Or the mattress selling experience can be enjoyable. The mattress buying process shouldn’t be a complicated and intimidating experience. With the help of modern technology, shoppers and salespeople can now work together to find a mattress that meets the customers' needs. This allows for a more collaborative, satisfying shopping experience that helps customers feel more at ease and secure in their purchases. Ultimately, leveraging the right technology can make mattress shopping a pleasant experience rather than a stressful situation.

So, what are those beneficial systems? This post explains why your store needs a mattress recommendation system today. The right mattress-selling tools will help ensure a consistent and quality customer experience, increase consumer confidence, and help you make more sales that stick.

Ready to learn more? Read on!

Give Your Customers an Experience They Can’t Get Online

Selling mattresses is nothing new. According to Mattress Clarity, “Some estimates suggest mattresses have been bought and sold since as long ago as the 37th century BCE when Persians invented goatskin waterbeds for royalty. It turns out humans have always needed a comfortable place to sleep.”

Goatskin waterbeds aside (has anyone tried that lately?), this fun fact proves what you already intuitively know: sleep is essential, and people care a lot about getting the right bed. If you can help your customers find a mattress that will keep them comfortable, supported, and at the right temperature all night, they’ll love you for it.

That’s where mattress recommendation technology comes in. The central selling point of a mattress recommendation system is that you can offer customers an experience they cannot get online: the ability to determine if a brand fits them before they purchase.

With today’s rise of online mattress shopping, this is a massive benefit of the mattress-selling experience. Why? Because today’s shoppers are increasingly moving online.

“Between 2016 and 2017, online mattress sales skyrocketed by 60.6%,” says the same source. “In 2018, a whopping 45% of mattress sales happened online. More recently, in 2021, online mattress sales increased by 20.5%, suggesting that this shift to e-commerce is continuing.”

If you want to compete with that, you’ll have to offer something a person cannot get from the comfort of their bed, couch, or office chair: the ultimate mattress tryout.

How to Provide the Ultimate Mattress Selling Experience

You want to offer a great in-store experience. Who doesn’t? How to do it is less obvious, so let’s take a look.

Mattress Recommendation System

First up, you’ll need a mattress recommendation system. That might sound fancy, but it’s a pretty basic tool. You use a mat embedded with thousands of highly sensitive pressure points capable of taking multiple measurements per second, spread it over a mattress, and have the customer lie down. The mat will create a detailed picture of areas of high, medium, and low pressure—and can create a profile over time, showing movement as well.

Customized Sleep Profiles

Using this, you can create a customized sleep profile for your shopper. Where does their body need the most support? What kinds of bony prominences cause discomfort during the night? How does their sleeping position affect their needs? You can combine this map with an interview to determine additional information, such as whether they sleep hot or cold and how sleeping with a partner affects them.

Mattress Tryouts

The last step in helping your customers get the right mattress is to use their profile to help them identify possible options. A portable mattress pressure pad helps narrow their options to determine if a brand works for them. This leads to many benefits, such as happier customers, fewer returns, and a better brand image.

Take Advantage of Referral Business

Once your in-store reputation and credibility improve, you can leverage a mattress recommendation system to improve your selling experience and get more referral business.

Offer Incentives

Always offer incentives. People who have a reason to shop with you will do it more. Give new customers a discount if they enter your store and undergo your branded mattress-selling experience. That can work for random customers who found you online or walked past your shop, as well as referrals.

Give Referrals to the Star Treatment

Referrals from happy customers should get the star treatment so that the people who referred them will hear and feel it’s worth it to keep mentioning your name. Always give them as much time as they need to find exactly what they want, and don’t be pushy if they leave the store without getting anything that day.

Make sure your referrers hear from you positively. Offer them incentives for future mattresses or accessories so that you can stay on their mind. With time, you’ll build a network of happy customers for life.

Create a Stellar In-Store Mattress Selling Experience Today

Ready to provide a mattress-selling experience your customers won’t soon forget? Ready to get the word-of-mouth marketing, referrals, and reviews you deserve? It’s time to get started with the ultimate mattress tools from XSNENSOR.

This approach will provide you with measurable information for your customers and performance reports to help you see how your store is doing. A mattress recommendation system—used correctly—is almost guaranteed to increase your sales. And since manufacturers often help subsidize this for a better chance of selling their products in your store, you have nothing to lose trying it out.

Don’t wait to learn more. Contact XSENSOR today.

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