Podcast: How to Improve Your Store’s Performance Using a Mattress Recommendation System



Bruce Malkinson, COO with XSENSOR Technology Corporation, is joined by Ashley HomeStore Amsterdam's Tekeilla Perpall (Store Manager) to discuss the latest developments and trends in mattress retail and how they can affect store performance. Tune in to get a sense of the current mattress retail landscape, what retailers face, how consumers are shopping, and how you can better equip your store to improve the customer experience with a mattress recommendation system.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what developments and trends are impacting consumers and retailers in today’s mattress retail landscape.
  • Understand what these developments and trends have on in-store traffic and the customer experience.
  • Experience how the new customer journey for in-store mattress shopping can improve your store’s performance.

Bruce Malkinson, Chief Operating Officer
XSENSOR Technology

Tekeilla Perpall, Store Manager
Ashley HomeStore

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