Using the ForeSite SS Wheelchair Seat System as an Aid in a Seating Assessment

Occupational Therapist Timothy Hill discusses strategy with his wheelchair-bound patient.


In our FREE webinar, XSENSOR’s Business Development Manager for the ForeSite SS product line, Danny Richards, is joined by Calgary-based Occupational Therapist Timothy Hill. Together, they discuss each step of his seating assessment and clinical evaluation process that aids in identifying and quantifying seating and positioning issues for his clients.


Using XSENSOR’s ForeSite SS Wheelchair Seat System as an aid in the seating assessment process, they are able to collect the pressure data. They go through each step of his process in detail, reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating video and pressure data while providing valuable insights along the way.


This webinar aims to help occupational and physical therapists develop their own assessment skills and understand how pressure imaging/mapping systems like the ForeSite SS can help inform seating decisions that minimize the risk of skin breakdown, ensure proper posture, and improve patient outcomes.


Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand – How pressure data can provide insights into and assist with identifying and quantifying your clients’ current seating and positioning needs.
  • Learn – How seating pressure data can be used to compare different cushion statistics to analyze asymmetries in pressure distribution.
  • Experience – How to use the ForeSite SS Wheelchair Seat System as a tool tailored for every clinician’s individualized seating assessments.

Timothy Hill has been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years and specializes in inpatient long-term care, Muskulo-skeletal (MSK) rehabilitation, outpatient homecare, and more. Previously, he was a board member of the Canadian Paraplegic Association of Alberta (now Spinal Cord Injury Alberta).

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