Webinar | How to Use Pressure Mapping for Wheelchair Back Support Interventions

In XSENSOR Technology's webinar, 'How to Use Pressure Mapping for Wheelchair Back Support Interventions,' physical therapist and seating expert Bart Van der Heyden (physical therapist and owner of SuperSeating Clinical, R&D, & Regulatory Services) explores the use of pressure mapping technology to create effective back support interventions for wheelchair users.

Learn how XSENSOR's leading-edge pressure mapping technology, the ForeSite SS Wheelchair Seating system, provides real-time feedback to help clinicians assess, evaluate, track, and make necessary adjustments to support back and seating strategies.

Using pressure mapping allows clinicians to understand the effects of back and seating interventions, such as back support recline, tilt in space, and foot support adjustments, and how they affect individuals in wheelchairs.

This online seminar series aims to help occupational and physical therapists, nurses, and other rehabilitation professionals develop their skills and understand how pressure mapping technology, like XSENSOR’s ForeSite SS Wheelchair Seating system, can inform the safety, posture, and comfort of wheelchair users.

Key Takeaways from This Webinar:

  1. Learn – How to use pressure mapping to assess your clients and create effective back and seating support interventions.
  2. Understand – Best practices for measuring the effectiveness of your interventions to make necessary adjustments.
  3. Experience – Clinical cases quantifying the effect of interventions on back support using pressure mapping.

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